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Op. Dr. Ferruh Fersçi

Op. Dr. Ferruh Fersçi

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist

Phone : 444 23 64
Education : Istanbul Capa Medical Faculty
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He was born in 1943. He was of Azerbaijan origin. He graduated from Istanbul Capa Medical Faculty in 1963. He completed his specialization in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at the same Faculty in 1974 and graduated from Çapa ENT Clinic as Specialist Doctor. He also received additional training in the same clinic for a year on Nasal Aesthetic Surgery. After 1974, he worked with well-known experts on nasal plastic surgery in different clinics in Europe. Turkey's first teacher makes the nose of plastic surgery Dr. Erdogan by following the same surgeries with the guest increased their knowledge on this issue. Between the years of 1985-90, He worked with H. Hildmann on facial nose aesthetics. In 2002, he started to work as a specialist in ENT and head and neck surgery at Private Life Hospital. At the same time, she performs nasal aesthetic surgeries. He has also been working on Snoring and Bloodless Tonsil operations in recent years. He is married and has a daughter who is a Skin Diseases Specialist.